2081ioeB1E (Live Class + All facilities)

This course contains:

  • Live class
  • Extra Dose Class for Numericals
  • Recorded lectures of each Class
  • Pvt YouTube Videos
  • Notes, Practice Questions, and Books in PDF form
  • Pvt Messenger Chat group for Question Discussion
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Limit & Continuity 15    14h

Derivatives 15    11h

Integration (Anti-Derivative) 30    30h

Application of Derivatives 10    9h

Application of Integration (Area)   6h

Differential Equation   2h


Permutation & Combination   7h

Polynomial (Quadratic)   8h

Complex Numbers   8h

Exponential and Logarithmic Series   2h

Sets & Relations   3h

Logic, connectives, laws of logic   1h

Function and Graphs   3h

Vector Algebra

Vectors 11    9h


Straight Lines 15    15h

Pair of Straight Lines 10    12h

Circle   8h

Ellipse & Hyperbola   3h


General Values   1h

Facilities of Super-100 Class

Facilities   1h

Probability and Statistics

Probability   3h

Measures of location and measures of dispersion   3h

Correlation and Regression   1h



Demo Class   1h

Unit, Dimension & Error Analysis   0h

Scalars & Vectors   0h

Motion of Body in 1 Dimension & Relative Velocity   11h

Projectile Motion   4h

Laws of Motion   7h

Friction   6h

Work, Energy and Power, Collision   5h

Circular Motion   4h

Gravity and Gravitation   2h

Simple Harmonic Motion   2h

Rotational Dynamics   2h

Elasticity   2h

Hydrostatics   0h

Surface Tension   0h

Viscosity   0h

Heat & Thermodynamics

Thermometry   1h

Expansion of Solid and Liquid   2h

Expansion of Gas   0h

Calorimetry, Mechanical Equivalent   0h

Kinetic Theory of Gas   2h

Thermodynamics   1h

Transfer of Heat   1h

Hygrometry   1h


Wave Optics 11    9h

Reflection & Refraction of Light   0h

Refraction at a Spherical Surface & Prism   0h

Optical Instruments & Photometry   0h

Wave & Sounds

Wave Motion & Velocity of Sound Wave   7h

Superposition and Waves in String and Air Columns   2h

Doppler's Effect & Musical Sound   0h


Electric Charge & Force   7h

Electric Field & Potential   6h

Capacitor   7h

Current Electricity

Current Electricity   7h

Electrical Measurement   0h

Joule's Law of Heating, Thermoelectricity & Chemical Effect of Current   8h

Magnetic Effect of Current   0h

Electromagnetic Induction   2h

Alternating Current   2h

Magnetism and Properties of Magnetic Materials   4h

Modern Physics

Gaseous Discharge   4h

Photo-Electric Effect   6h

Nucleus   4h

Radioactivity   3h


Time management   1h

Jackie Sir Revision Class

Heat Revision   8h

Electricity & Magnetism 12    12h


Physical Chemistry

Language Of Chemistry   2h

Chemical Arithematics 12    10h

Acidimetry and Alkalimetry 12    11h

Chemical Equilibrium   0h

Ionic Equilibrium 10    9h

Acids, Bases and Salts   1h

Atomic Structure   6h

Periodic Table   5h

The Chemical Bond   0h

Oxidation and Reduction   2h

Electro -Chemistry   4h

Inorganic Chemistry

Metals & Metallurgy   0h

Hydrogen Oxygen & Water   0h

Sulphur & Its Compounds   0h

Nitrogen & Its Compounds   0h

Halogens   0h

Organic Chemistry

Introduction to Organic Chemistry   8h

Aliphatics Hydrocarbons   7h

Idoethane   0h

Benzene   1h

Demo Class

Mole Concept   1h



Causative Verb   0h

Tense   0h

Voice   1h

Narration (Speech)   4h

Article   0h

Subject-Verb Agreements   1h

Questions Tags   1h

Affirmative and Negative Agreements   0h

Prepositions   0h

Sound and Stress   0h

Sentence Structures   0h

Conditional Clauses   0h

Simple, Compound & Complex Sentences   0h

Use of Tense   0h

To infinitives & Gerunds   0h

Parts of Speech   0h

Punctuation   0h

Comprehension of Reading

Passages   0h



Limit & Continuity   8h

Derivatives 10    12h

Integration (Antiderivative) 13    17h

Application of Derivatives   9h


Circle   0h

Parabola   0h

Ellipse   5h

Hyperbola   3h


Polynomial   9h

Physics (2081ioeB1M)


Heat & Thermodynamics


Wave & Sounds


Electricity & Magnetism

Current Electricity   9h

Electrical Measurements   3h

Joule's Law of Heating   1h

Modern Physics

Gaseous Discharge and Electron   1h


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